(Established by the office of the Registrar-General Accra) Act 179 Corporate Profile Preamble:

The Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management & Politics, Ghana (CIPRMP) was established in year 2000, duly registered and licensed by the relevant authorities in the PeoplesRepublic of Ghana. The Institute has the formal approval of both the Ministry of Education and Justice respectively and established as a result of paucity and dearth of reliable and dependable research and administration professionals in Africa who are patriotically and genuinely disposed towards the development of Africa, taking in cognizance the roles of Public Resources Management and Politics play in the attainment of micro &macro development initiatives among African Countries.

The Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management & Politics was established to also promote strategic leadership values and sustainable democracy. We are committed to the questfor honesty, transparency, accountability and good governance in global leadership, for a better society, devoid of corruption, moral decadence and social vices.

It is a matter of great concern that the time honoured values of Integrity in leadership personalities is terriblylacking in our generation in almost every strata of leadership especially in Africa. It is our mission and earnest resolve therefore, to ensure that the cherished value of integrity, in governance is re-awakened and embraced by all personalities in leadership positions across Africa and the world, and also to re-direct and reposition African leaders into the Committee of respectable and honourable people of the world.

Leadership is a weapon of influence involving mentoring, moulding andmodeling, as such every one in leadership position must have and maintain the highest standard of character, patriotism and humanitarian inclination which in turn breeds the values of allegiance and subordination. Without the value of integrity leadership becomes a naked weapon for destruction and social ruin because integrity flows from the moral fabric of the individual.

Our utmost vision at the CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC RESOURCES MANAGEMENT &POLITICS is to be the engine-room and custodian of PublicResources Management & Political and Administration in African countries.

We also entrench excellence and exemplary Administration and Public Resources Management, Politics as a bedrock for national development thereby training and retaining members and non-members via relevant stellar programmes, equipping them with adequate knowledge and skills and also imbibing sound ethical standards, discipline, integrity and Transparency.

We at the Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics agree with the view of those scholars who propound that followership is sequel to Leadership. Indeed this reality has manifested in many developed and developing nations. We believe that with dynamic and first class, public resources and management experts, Africans and their leaders can turn the continent into the fastest developing political entity in rid distant time. Human development history shows that there is simply no other option.

The Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics is a dynamic and structurally organized corporate entity of unique, dignified and distinguished professionals with unblemished track records, burrtirig with a mission to highlight personalities of proven track records across Africa and the world which uphold the sacrosanct values of Integrity, dignity of service in their various endeavours. This is why we go to great extent to project and promote people both dead and living who have made integrity as the bedrock of all their undertakings. We celebrate them as role models, as embodiments of peace, hard work, patriotism, courage, forthrightness, discipline, humility, high moral standards, diligence, consistency of character, and selfless services. Their legacies are the roadmap which present and future generations need to find their way to ideals of integrity, honesty, fear of God, good governance, transparency and accountability. This is a philosophy and task we promise not to compromise. Therefore our “FELLOWSHIP CONFERMENT” and GRAND COMMANDER OF GOOD GOVERNANCE &ROLE MODEL AWARD, GOOD AMBASSADOR OF PUBLIC RESOURCES MANAGEMENT, PATRON, GRAND PATRON, LIFE PATRON, is conferred on citizens of all nations especially Africans, annually, who have riot ABUSED THEIR LEADERSHIP POSITIONS and hold strongly the concept of integrity, accountability and transparency in their life endeavours. The uniqueness of this award and our organization is all about upholding, projecting and celebrating unique statesmanship.

The Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics is headed by an erudite scholar as international leadership icon, Prof John KoffiBonsu, the advisory board members are made up of men and women of Good Character. The founding Chairman was Late Ambassador OlusegunOlusola, former Nigerian Ambassador to Ethiopia and former Chairman, African Refugee Foundation (ARF),Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakiri, President Women Arise, OblempongNiiKojoAbabio, Paramount Chief NgleshieAlata, James Town, Greater Accra, Ghana; Bishop Anthony Mensah, Gen. I.B.M. Haruna, former Minister of Information, Nigeria, Senator. Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, Her Excellency Konadu Nana Rawlings.

Our advisory board and award organizing committee considers various criteria before conferring and inducting FELLOWSHIP RECOGNITIONS on recipients. This include investigations, public opinion polls, media reports, assessment of the career performance of the recipient, evidence of philanthropic services to the less privileged in the society and the nation. Evidence of proven integrity, honesty arid transparency without records of criminal arid fraudulent activities. We also consider organizations, companies and individuals who have contributed toward community, national and international development.

Other criteria includes assessment of politicians who have used their high and prestigious offices to engender good governance and delivery of democracy dividends to the electorates and entire citizenry , such as poverty alleviation, eradication of diseases and other health hazards. The awards and fellowship honours are meant to recognize and encourage excellence through hardwork and exemplary leadership.